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Beginner Taekwon Do Classes Enrolling In May

How would you like to master the skills to defend yourself—and turn the tables—against an entire gang of thugs? When you discover the TaeKwon-Do classes at Kick Connection, you’ll learn powerful techniques that will transform your fists and feet into lethal weapons of self-defense!

And as you’re developing the bodyguard-grade skills that could someday save your life, you’ll be getting an incredible workout that will give you a gorgeous head-turning body and leave you feeling nothing short of amazing!


Kick Connection is not your ordinary karate school...we specialize in TaeKwon-Do, which is a Korean martial art known as “the way of the hand and foot”. In fact, we have the distinct privilege of being the only martial arts school in Maryland to be a recognized member of the International TaeKwon-Do Federation!

When you take the TaeKwon-Do classes at Kick Connection, our black belt masters will show you how to defend yourself using nothing but your hands, feet, and a burning desire to win!

Starting with your very first TaeKwon-Do class, we’ll show easy techniques to gain control over your attacker using bone-crushing kicks and debilitating punches. And as you master your TaeKwon-Do moves with each new class, you’ll enjoy dozens of extra benefits that only TaeKwon-Do can give you. Here are just a few:

  • You’ll ignite your fat-burning furnace and easily melt away unwanted fat and flab
  • You’ll become stronger and you’ll develop gorgeous muscle tone
  • Your self-confidence will skyrocket as you develop mind-blowing self-defense skills
  • You’ll have the ability to focus and concentrate like never before
  • Your stress levels will virtually disappear

When you enroll in the TaeKwon-Do classes at Kick Connection, you’ll have the rare opportunity to learn from TaeKwon-Do black belts with decades of experience in the martial arts. As you master TaeKwon-Do at the hands of our world-class instructors, you’ll develop impressive strength, iron-clad self-defense skills, and unstoppable determination!


When you choose to take TaeKwon-Do classes at Kick Connection, you can be confident that your results will exceed your expectations. From an incredible body-shaping workout to remarkable self-defense skills and everything in between, you’ll enjoy results that are nothing short of priceless!

And, now, with a very special limited-time introductory offer for students who enroll this month, you can get started in TaeKwon-Do classes at Kick Connection for FREE! To learn more about this special offer, just complete the no-obligation contact form on this page. When you do, we’ll give you everything you need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get started in TaeKwon-Do for FREE at Kick Connection!

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